How to Make $100 Per Day with Your Email Listpost 1

Here’s the course content:

 My method to monetize your email list

(This method allowed me to earn over $3,000 in passive revenue per month with my email list alone)

Part 1: How to get 100 subscribers on your email list per day 

(You’ll discover how to optimize your lead
magnets and keep your email list active)

Part 2: How to convert new leads into customers

(Here you’ll copy my simple selling system to sell offers between $7 and $6000 to your subscribers)

Part 3: How to consistently make sales with your
email list every week

(Learn the 2 simple ways to radically increase 
the revenue you earn from each campaign)

Plus, you’ll receive a fully-stocked Launch Kit 
to launch and promote your offers!

(2 funnels and 2 email sequences)

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